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I am a Muslim. Islam is my life. Without Allah, I am dead and nonexistent!


What if there were two beings, each one being omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient? Two beings, both of infinite power. Then what?
I come from a version of unorthodox Islam where we believe that all though all the people of the world today are descended from Eve and Adam, Eve and Adam were not the first humans; they are simply the first of today's humans. Adam's creation from mud is taken to be a metaphor for evolution, for The Qur'an also makes it quite clear that GOD has a very specific way of creating modern humans - by formation within a womb followed by birth. Humans are born from female wombs. Therefore, Adam was born from his mother's womb.

Even if Adam and Eve were, however, the first humans entirely, it seems to me that Adam would have had a tribe. If Eve and Adam were the first of all people, and had no parents, still, they and their children would have constituted a tribe. For their children branched off and started their own families, and thus, there would have been a group of families that shared common progenitors. That, I believe, is the definition of a "tribe." "Clans" are technically supposed to be families that belong to specific tribes. So in at least one way or another, Adam and Eve would have had a tribe. And if they were not literally the first humans on Earth, then Adam would have come from his parents' tribes, and Eve would have also inherited a tribe. So they still would have a tribe; for either Eve would have been "married" into Adam's inherited tribe, or vice versa, and their children would therefore have inherited a tribe.

So...genetically speaking, if we all descend from Adam and Eve, we all are part of the tribe of Eve and Adam. If that's true, would that mean that to divide our race into separate tribes in modern times, is arbitrary and meaningless? We're ultimately all from the tribe of Eve and Adam, (theoretically).
Is there any evidence that brains might subconsciously share information with other brains, via electromagnetic fields or otherwise, without the use of any modern technology?
Howdy y'all.

I live in Vancouver Washington. I built a Sacred Circle in Orchards Park. I started a spiritual organization surrounding that circle, (OPSOSCO- look up the Facebook page). In performing ceremonies at the circle, I've noticed a few things I have philosophical questions about.

I perform the same ceremony on every patient, yet each patient has a unique vision. Why? What does that mean? The ceremony is a healing ceremony, meant to be good for any and every sickness. But I realize, I don't know the true meaning of "sickness." The ceremony works the same way for every person, yet every person has a unique vision. What is the meaning of this?

My patients don't all have the same beliefs either, but they all have visions. How much influence, if any, do our individual beliefs have on our spiritual experiences? What if I had an atheist patient...might they still have a vision during the ceremony? If I do, and a vision still occurs, could that mean the visions have nothing to do with spiritual beliefs?

Is there a specific material mechanism through which our brains have "mystical" experiences? If so, does that necessarily mean there is no spiritual meaning to the visions people have?

Are spiritual visions based upon primal archetypes in our minds?


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Abdullah the Totallysweetshaman
United States
As-salam walaykam! Peace be upon you! My name is 'Abdullah Hamzah Shari'ati and I am a Muslim.

My mission in life includes to devote every action I make in every day of my life to serving Allah. To me, that would involve being completely dissolved in kindness and grace to others in Allah's Name, as salt is disolved in water! All praise be all to Allah, and also all thanks!

Also, I have a blog: If you want to know anything about Islam, please visit my blog and leave a comment! I am quranscientist. That's me on wordpress.

Note: My photo here is from about 4 years ago, before I stopped shaving my face. Sooo...NO! You don't know what I look like :)
I'm walkin' up The Hill with a cigarette in my pocket
And I'm not even sure if I really wanna smoke it
I'm wearin' my white pants and my maroon sweater
And my hair is adorned with more than just one feather
I'm wearin' my leather jacket and my hatchetman necklace,
I'm goin' outside and I'm feelin' pretty reckless
I got draids in my hair and I'm wearin' my America-flag sunglasses,
I'm a badass shaman among all the masses.
It's cold and rainy out and I don't give a shit,
I'd go out shirtless any day and dance in it,
I don't mind a little pain,
I don't mind a little rain,
And I don't mind a little snow,
Come-on mathufackoo let's go!
I'm goin' up The Hill.


I'm goin' up The Hill, I'm not going over.
I'm gonna get my fill, I'll stop growing older.
I'm gonna live so chill, I WILL LIVE FOR EVER! (End Chorus).

Everything's good at The Top of The Hill.
It's a place in the middle of life where you can always chill,
And if you stay, you never grow old,
And you don't have to believe in everything that you're told.
It's a happy medium where any juggalette,
And any juggalo, can live without regret,
It's always got a sunny glow.
Come-on mathufackoo let's go!
I'm goin' up The Hill.


I'm goin' up The Hill, I'm not going over.
I'm gonna get my fill, I'll stop growing older.
I'm gonna live so chill, I WILL LIVE FOR EVER! (End Chorus).

I'm goin' up The Hill in the freezing cold,
And in my hand my umbrella I do hold,
The only thing to keep me out of the rain aside from my cowboy hat,
And the things I got on my body aint all that,
But it's worth the trouble to make the trip up to The Top of The Hill,
At The Top of The Hill is my home where I can and I will always chill.
What I got on my back is a lot it's the whole of my lot of my troubles in life,
All my duties, responsibilities and all my strife.
But when I get back home I can set all these things down,
And be a peaceful, loving, happy clown,
Content in my insanity,
A mindful clown, immortal by my tranquility!

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a broad minded and daring man. I like your stuff it's varried and considered. You have questions about interesting things in your posts. and yes the mind was the original Internet.I have had far too many instances of knowing things that I should not.simple things like my wife needing me to call her right then and there, or who might be calling me at that moment. or life preserving things such as -there is a serious road blockage around this blind curve in the road slow down. And my life seems to get easier when people pray for me.
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thanks for fave
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You are welcome.
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Thank you, in fact :)
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Salam, brother. I came by your page and was thrilled to see a fellow Muslim. But I must ask, why are there pictures of nude women in your favorites? It's haram, The eye is said to commit zinaa (fornication, adultery), and its zinaa is looking. I don't mean any disrespect, I'm just worried :(
hte-1-hsaman Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
I actually have not been on deviantArt in so long. At the time I added those, I was questioning the interpretations of Allah's laws.

Now that I'm back on, I'm probably going to clean things up :)
HohohehehahaXD Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
Well, then that's good :D
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Subhan Allah.

As-salamun 'alaykam :) My Muslim name is 'Abdullah :)
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